02 May 2016

May Wishes

Happy start of May, y'all!

As mentioned yesterday, April has been awesomely kind (and crazily fast) for me. The new job I landed in last week of March pretty much set me off in a dashing mode. My body took longer than I expected to get used to the slightly different and longer working hours, which kind of explain the hiatus since sitting in front of the computer after work wasn't really on the top of my list.

Nonetheless, I can't express how thankful I am. Obviously.

Send out at least one snail mail.
One week off spicy food. This is and will forever be tough.
Update banners for the blog.
Be more consistent with Instagram posting. Although I hate how messed up the new update is, one cannot deny how inspiring the application can get. Oh wells.

What are you wishing for this month?


01 May 2016

Week's End

// READING My Life Next Door lately has really made me realised how much I missed reading. Here to satisfying my hopeless romance side!

// WRITING is something I haven't done in quite a while. I should probably make time for that.

// LISTENING to the videos on my Snapchat feed.

// THINKING if I should stick to vegan styles of TOMS or change a brand all together. *pout*

// SMELLING my barely dried shampoo-ed hair.

// WISHING tidying and rearranging room are as easy as how it is done in The Sims.

// HOPING with fingers crossed that this Friday's casual photoshoot would go smoothly.

// WEARING a big smile on my face from the eventful weekend.

// LOVING and all thankful for how amazing April has been.

// WANTING to embrace as much of the holiday tomorrow. Maybe more lounging in the couch?

// NEEDING more of hamburger nephew time.

// FEELING super excited and nervous about how the pre-wedding photoshoot would turn out to be.

// CLICKING through Bloglovin is gonna be something I'll be doing tomorrow. For sure.