21 October 2014

Blog Baton

Once upon a time, during a blog hopping session, I came across something call Blog Baton.

And we live happily ever after.

Every weekday a different blogger will take over the Blog Baton Instagram account just for that day. Instead of this baton being city-specific and a way to learn about places and things in a particular area, this will be a way to learn about YOU and things in YOUR life and on YOUR blog. Take pictures throughout your day, share interests, do an OOTD, show us your morning Starbucks or your fresh manicure, share the Pinterest recipe your cooked for dinner...whatever! The choice is yours. This is a way for you and your blog to reach more people in this community of ours.

So, I am not good at writing fairy tale stories, though I sure can read them to my nieces. One experience I am proud of is taking over the world! Ok, so maybe not the world, just Blog Baton this time round. Still, I was super excited to be taking over the baton from Amanda last Wednesday, to put myself at the other part of the spotlight.

Heyo! I am Elizabeth from Singapore, taking over the world! Ok not the world, just Blog Baton today but that's a good start right? I blog over at nomElizabeth, that little space of mine. Grab some popcorn and join me as I venture through my day. I hope you're excited as I am!

Introducing my little fluff, Xiao Bai! The literal translation from Chinese means Little White. He's quite a greedy one actually, loves carrot and bread. Yes, bread. He is also quite an attention seeker, always lounging near our feet for us to pet him.

This mee jiang kueh (peanut pancake) with red bean is one of the things I missed very much after the company shift out of Central Business District. :9 What is your favourite local snacks?

I am engaged to my boyfriend of six years J on our anniversary in April! (I still can't call him fiancé without cringing.) There wasn't any fanciful set up, just a simple moment between the two of us.

Isn't this a lovely bookmark? I received this as part of a snail mail exchange. Picked up reading habit in the early part of the year, many thanks to The 2014 Directive. What book will you recommend to a hopeless romance like me?

I set myself to pen down the highlights (i am grateful for / the happy list / suckadoodadoo) of my day every night at 10. Still trying my best to keep up with the routine!

That's all folks! Xiao Bai and I will be passing the baton to the next peep to carry on the run. Thanks for sticking with me for the day! I hope you had fun because I sure do. xo

If you'd like to show the world who you are or make more friends from the blogosphere, why not sign up for Blog Baton? You know you will love the experience, especially if you already are an Instagram goer! Good luck!


20 October 2014

Weekly Wishes #62

Let's take a look at last week's goals!

Surprisingly enough, the fear I got from that weekend was more or less gone by mid week and I had sort of attained that inner peace I wanted. It is definitely good news.

I can't stop harping about the Saturday's assignment! I had a little freak out party each time I see J. Talk about not having any chill pill at all. The good thing is that, through all the practices I did with J and line-by-line memorising, I managed to remember the whole part of what I needed to memorise. Woohoo! Now I just have to make sure I don't forget it.

You guys, I am such a bad aunty. I didn't get Edgar's gift for his full month celebration on time, but fear not I am still going ahead with what I planned to do. Does that help me gain some good-aunty points back?

Blog Baton was fun! The experience was pretty neat. I mean, who gets to take over someone else's space for a whole day right?

This week's goals:
• Rush and finish up audit preparation. It's really tough to do it straight with your superior breathing down your neck, but I have no choice to do it if I want to have that short getaway at the end of the month.
• Have a blast pigging out this Wednesday Thursday. Em will be in town and it's more or less a kind of tradition of us all to meet up when she is here. It's funny how we always end up with sushi as our dinner, but it is what it's going to be. Can barely contain my excitement for those salmon sashimi!

It's always exciting when the week consist of lots of eating. Well, in my case. With J officially on his leave before last day of employment, it's our chance to go places we used to go or never been before, just to eat. Eeeep!

What are you wishes for this week? Does it consist of food too?

Send your encouragements to the peers who are linking up here!


19 October 2014

Week's End

// It was a braid kind of day. A bowl of hot kimchi instant noodles, humid weather, rebellious hair. You get what I mean.

// Typing this during mask time. I should really pay more attention to my face and skin by feeding what's good for them.

// I can't get over how huge this golden retriever is! And you know what? He's only 10 months old!

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