31 March 2015

Alphabet Date // Letter F

It was one of those days when I crave for a good plate of pasta. For my kind of difficult to please stomach, there aren't many choices around, but I will revisit the place if I fall in love with one. J knew my favourite so he included Peperoni Pizzeria into the itinerary. Whoop!

Deep Fried Chicken Wings
Frutti di Mare
Alle Vongole
The names of our order might give you an idea we ordered them purposely based on the alphabet, but no, these are what we would order whenever we visit the restaurant. Those wings never fail to make me salivate. Give me a basket of them now!

With ample time before our movie starts, we slacked at the mall's Starbucks with its Mocha Frappuccino. J was being all silly and funny when I asked for a selfie together. Well, I did tell him this was going up on the blog. Hah!

And then, we got too bored waiting and decided to....

Pose like a model. #werkinit

Ah Boys To Men 3: Frogmen was great! All those delicious trained bodies.... yum! I like how they focus more on other characters, especially Lobang (played by Wang Wei Liang) and Hei Long (played by Wesley Wong). Not forgetting how we were surprised by the hidden talent Aloysius Jin (played by Maxi Lim) has!

Overall the date went pretty well, we enjoyed the simple moments. I'm actually surprised he didn't drown me with all sorts of fried food. Heh.

What would you plan for this letter during alphabet dating?

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30 March 2015

April Wishes

Left with two days of the month, we are officially marching in (get that pun?) into the second quarter of the year. I'm pretty excited for April since it's my second favourite month (first being January, obviously) with J's and my big anniversary coming up. Exciting, exciting!


Go on an Alphabet Date. We had our regular dates, just not something planned for this. Now that J is bumming away having his well deserved break before embarking on another chapter, time for some adventures!
Keep spicy food to the minimal. I shall announce a success! It wasn't easy to resist, but definitely something I need to keep up with.
Not slack in exercising department. Morning and night sit-up routine are exercised out (sorry, can't resist the puns) as planned, but the big workout on Saturday didn't happen. Lazy, yes, being partly was because my parents were home. I need to learn how to overcome that shyness.
Snap a black and white photo. Yup.


Alphabet date. Only once.
Black and white photo. Checked.
Pinterest project. Failed, again.
Work out at least 30 minutes once a week. Half success.
Be on time for The Sunday Post Challenge and Lovely Letters. Slight late, but yes yes yes!


Alphabet date.
Black and white photo.
Be on time for Lovely Letters.
Pinterest project. Must. Not. Slack.
Work out at least 30 minutes once a week. Werk it!
Enjoy anniversary celebration with J. ;)

What are you aiming to achieve in this brand new month?

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29 March 2015

Week's End

// The State Funeral for our founding father happens today. The live broadcasting started at twelve, along with the heaviest downpour of the week. "Fifty years ago, you cried for Singapore. Fifty years later, the nation cries for you."

// Penning a yummy notecard for the last Sunday Post Challenge. The recipient would've love it if another pastry was featured instead, but I know this will still be love nonetheless since we have sweet tooth like that.

// Little Miss Woo followed my mum back to overnight and spend the weekend over. Xiao Bai decided to loaf around her while she plays with blocks, it's as if he's keeping an eye on her or something.

// Since we were hogging the TV, she occupied herself with drawing. I'm actually surprised that she draws so nicely!

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