23 June 2017

We Are Alive And Kicking

I know it has been quiet around here. Trust me, very much of it was beyond our control. It has been a tough period of time, but I'm glad I've survived through that minor ordeal to say this....


Hopefully I'll be able to share more about the experiences so far with you soon. For now, let me go ransack the kitchen for supper before bed.


03 April 2017

April Wishes

Hey hey Monday!

Even though my weekend was relaxing, a part of me was tormented with having to wait for something beyond our control. It’s not as if I feel the need to hold the power of the game, but all the waiting is just slowly killing the positivity.

Breathe. Breathe.

• A mini project started with a couple of friends. It has been slow moving but the experience was definitely exciting. The next highlight of the project is to think of another portion all together, which requires more planning and researching.
• Went on two different trips consecutively, first leg was with my family and the second with J’s. It felt awesome to rewind at mum’s hometown in Perak. Unfortunately (but somehow fortunately) the restored energy depleted almost fully during the challenging trip to Bangkok.
• It has been a year with the current employment! I feel even more grateful looking at how lost with no hope of humanity one year ago. You really have to gone through the worst kind of people before you appreciate the good ones wholeheartedly.

Move. My. Butt. Or rather, legs. J hasn’t been hopeful in fulfilling his promises of working out with me, so it’s time to ditch him in this department and go solo. Minus one on the Husband Meter!
Remember positivity. Whether the outcome resulted to be good or bad, we have to keep our heads up and move forward to more opportunities.
Tidy up the house, or at least our room. Obviously learning to “live with it” or “ignore it” is slowly getting near its expiry. God.
Reconnect. With family, friends, bloggers. Why not?

What are you aiming to achieve this month?


01 April 2017

Bridal Affairs

When J and I decided to start our wedding planning about a year ago, we felt more fearful and worried compared to being excited. Will buying wedding magazines help? Do we go to wedding road shows? Should we bother our relatives and married friends for suggestions? The wedding industry in Singapore was a huge one, still is today, despite being just a little red dot.

Being in an IT savvy era, the information and suggestions available online are both blessing and headache. The horrifying stories I got to learn really put me off the whole search at that point of time. Our experience from a well known brand’s hard selling further put away the thought of attending road shows and whatsnot.

Thankfully, there was still the angelic side of the Internet. We got to learn about a home-based bridal studio, strictly by appointments only. What caught our attention were its cater-to-budget packages, so why not check it out?

We made an appointment with Bridal Affairs for the purpose of checking out the packages their former clients raved about, didn’t expect anything more and were secretly mentally prepared for hard selling. The cosiness of the home-based studio did a very good job with the first impression. Its consultants, Christine and Connie, were approachable and very open with what they have to offer. Not to mention, they are pretty too.

I could tell that J was comfortable with the packages and the interaction during the explanation. To our surprise, we (more like me) were given the opportunity to try on some gowns, even though we emphasized that we have not made up our minds yet.

After trying the different kind of silhouettes and tiers gowns, they told us to bring home the packages and experience to think about it. What was more impressive was the confidence they have in the brand and their services, they didn’t hesitate to suggest in scouting around other bridal studios in Singapore before making a decision. At that point of time, I was pretty much sold.

Our relationship with Bridal Affairs was stress free and tons of laughter. Of course, having the right nonsensical person to joke with (read: J) and going with an open mind did help as well. For instance, I know mermaid cut or any fitted dresses are definitely not my cup of tea, no matter how well it compliments me in others’ eyes. Maybe it is just me wanting to be in my comfort zone, but hey, that’s how my confidence aura will be generated right?

We couldn’t be more thankful for the professional suggestions provided by the consultants and the warmth they showered us with during each of our appointments. Being able to play dress up like a little girl helped to make it extra special.