27 October 2014

Weekly Wishes #63

Let's take a look at last week's goals!

I didn't manage to continue on work's audit schedule, hopefully it can be submitted to superior tomorrow. Keeping all fingers and toes crossed!

The pig out session on Thursday was awesome! The salmon sashimi at Senki Japanese Restaurant was so much better than expected! We managed to had some fancy drinks before I had to head home. C'mon, I had work the next day. Till next time!

Looking at the image above makes me cringe again. I am never a lover of couple wear (identical shirt, identical outfit). Seeing couples on the street like this makes me gag when I imagine myself in them. I won't hate you if you appear in front of me with your other half like this, it's just that I cannot accept myself doing it. For this image, it was a pure coincidence. I was telling J how we look like in uniform that evening and he just had to get all excited and exclaim we are finally in couple wear after dating for six years. Urgh.

This week's goals:
• Cut down on The Sims 4 time. JENG JENG JENG. Never thought I'd say that after a weekend of it, did ya? Gotta to do what is need to be done.
• What's up for Halloween? Right now I am battling between Halloween Trick Or Treat @ Woodlands Woodgrove, MovieMob Halloween Drive-In Movie or just staying at home. J is more interested in the movie though. Hmmm...
• Cook something. Looks like I'm in a good mood. Heh.
• Since I'm talking about good mood, perhaps I should try scrapbooking too. Elsie has once again inspired me into scrapbooking.

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26 October 2014

Week's End

// Finally getting things done while J do his thang in the kitchen. I spent a good whole day being off the internet yesterday for a good cause. Maybe a good cause. It feels great to get those unread feed done on Bloglovin as well as clearing up my inbox. Life is good. *sips on imaginary cup of tea*

// I could smell it when J is more or less done with lunch! His dad and brother likes the sweet and sour chicken the most, though the dad feedback about the meat quantity. Haha. For me, I just love how soft the carrots were and those enoki and prawns totally complimented the dish. Mmmm~

// In my first point I mentioned about being in the invisible mode for a good cause. Well, my good cause is The Sims 4! I know, I know. That's like the most unproductive thing I can be doing, but hey, I AM a The Sims lover too. ;)

// J and I met up after dinner for ice-cream. The sky was red-ish and my mood for the day was totally killed by him in the afternoon, so a simple ice-cream that is! Come to think of it, I can't remember when was the last time I actually had an cone ice-cream from McDonald's.

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