02 November 2011


This year's Halloween is memorable in a certain way, well at least to me.

I have to admit the past few attempts of make-up have always been unsuccessful. Reason being I never spend time researching how proper make-up (procedure) is suppose to be like so I pretty much ended up slapping colours on my face.

Oh, and to warn you, this post might just contain a tiny bit of shameless camwhore-worth photos.

Moving on.

It all begin when I saw Tumblr Halloween Party post, I thought it would be really cool if I try something simple. Knowing how dull it would get, I actually told Johan about this and ask if he's interested to join me and surprisingly he agreed! We ended up with the "Nerd" theme and venture out in the hunt for nerdy degree-less spectacles.

As the day draw nearer, both of us are pretty excited about the whole photoshoot thing at my place. But somehow things don't seem to fall as we expected. The day we planned for the shoot, it rained cats and dogs in the afternoon and we had to meet our friends at night. So it was postpone to a few days later, when he had to leave because my mum was heading home. (Ok, and partly because he was being a lazy donkey, refusing to get off the bed while my brother entertain him with funny kitty videos.)

I'm one who believes in "signs". So I told him it's all cancelled and stood on my ground no matter how much he tried to persuade me.

However, with the camera and tripod at my place, I decided to do it with my V-bear as his replacement instead. And boy, did I have fun.

It was my first attempt on simple make-up after watching tutorials on YouTube (I know, don't judge me), and I was really proud of the result!  Although, I must say, it was a bitch to remove the make-up properly. I don't know how people can do it on a daily basis.
Nerdoween by ddsp

How was your Halloween?

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