31 December 2011

Snap! a Christmas

The group of us were having trouble on the things-to-do before the Christmas exchange until Sherry suggestions Snap!. I have never thought there would be a place with such concept in Singapore.

Snap! is a photography studio where you can be your own professional photographer with their professional camera and lighting setup.

Your perfect studio-like shot is just a click away! No, seriously, literally a click away.

The first step to begin the Snap! experience is to call up and book a slot. Lucky for us, we managed to book two slots (30 minutes each) back-to-back. The next step is a big question, our desired background colours.

We girls immediately thought beige was one of the two we have to pick, it has this kind of cosy feeling. The second ideal background took quite a while to settle on, and thanks to the time constraint, we went with the professional looking grey.

The studio didn't turn out exactly how I expected. I thought the premises would be big enough to have multiple rooms, but because the location is on the second floor of one of the shophouses you find in Chinatown, it has only one studio.

Nonetheless, the studio had items I did not expect to see. There's three mirrors with huge lightbulbs (very vintage feel), a changing corner and a monitor situated which display every shots taken from camera.

We felt the props were rather limited, but the guys made the best out of it.

They did a couple army-inspired poses. Why am I not surprised?

Oh, just so you know, photos are not only displayed immediately on the monitor in the room, they are also projected to the staffs' computer for watermark purposes. Which means, whatever shot you see, they can see. We spammed quite a lot of nonesensical shots because of the unlimited shots per booking, why not make the best out of it huh?

We had a few jittery moments - (1) One of the staff had to enter the room because our music volume were too loud. I can't imagine what it's like outside when we were laughing our asses off. (2) I almost drop killed the tall lighting instrument when moving back from the monitor, thank god it only move slightly. (3) Johan almost tear the background (which will cause us SGD 50) when he sat down by the sat near the part where the background wallpaper is floating. (4) We thought the monitor hanged or something because it stopped refreshing the latest photos. We suspected it was their indication of time-is-up, but continued snapping just to make sure. When we peep at their computer, it was confirmed that was definitely the indication of the end of the slot.

Overall, it was a refreshing experience. You have so much freedom in (at least) 30 minutes, you can do whatever your creaitivity juice boils down to.

Cheaper version of family shots, crazy friends shots. Last moments to capture during your hens' night or a mark of adulthood. You can even use the space to build up your model portfolio. All you need is ideas, own sets of clothings to change, or even your own props.

(The group that booked the slot after us were in pyjamas when we stepped out of the studio. Awesomeness level up.)

We waited for about 15 minutes until the photos are saved into the DVD. They must have been busy during the one hour putting their watermark in most of our 312 photos.

If you want to try something refreshing with your partner, friends or even family, why not give Snap! a shot?

Self-Portrait Studio by Valentyn Studio
12a, Sago Street, Level-2
Singapore 059014
Tel : +65 6224 2838

Opening hours:
Tue - Thu : 9:00am - 9:00pm
Fri - Sun/PH : 9:00am - 11:00pm
Closed on Mon

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