26 April 2012

Blue Moon Sweetness

Disclaimer: I'm not the type that normally post lovey-dovey stuffs on social network, so it's as rare as THE blue moon if it happens. Don't bomb me for the diabetic or hair raising content ahead.

Yesterday alone is a roller coaster ride. I felt kind of relieved and lighter weight on shoulders in the afternoon. Obviously the evening went through with me thinking this feeling will accompany me for at least the next couple of days. Little did I know, the world was on spinning mode the moment I heard the news. Sigh.

I don't know if it was the flu medicine from last night (I haven't had medication for a while, body seems to be taking a while to recover from the weakness) or the frustration and tiredness from the saga, or it might even be because we haven't met for a while, the boy seems to be rather sweet this evening.

Ahmad is just a stereotype nickname my mum uses whenever it comes to chauffeur, so inject yourself with some humour juice and don’t judge me.

He had never sent such cheeky text messages as a third party before, the refreshing surprise brought a big grin on my face.

As much as I've proven I can do well alone with or without a partner, I can't say it's entirely the same for him.

What am I to do without this fat pillar of my life?

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