01 April 2012

Noor Jannah's Kitchen

Since about four years ago, I've been slowing exposed to the food experiece of Malay cuisines and found myself falling in love with some. For example, mee soto, nasi lemak and other simple dishes that might not sound fantastic.

After a trip with his dad to Noor Jannah's Kitchen, Johan highly recommended that we should pay a visit there one day.

A little uninteresting fact, we are more like a eating couple instead of movie goers. Hehe.

Couple of days back, being indecisive during one of our almost-daily cracking head session for dinner, we ended up at the quiet Jalan Masjid street.

Singing praises of the stall's Bone Steak Hor Fun Opeh, we ordered just one with him assuring it's more than enough for the both of us. I had my doubts. Johan had also ordered a plate of Rojak with only You Char Kueh to kill some waiting time.

Rojak You Char Kueh

Even though the rojak sound like a simple and fast dish to make, it took quite a while to arrive. Maybe there were many orders from the not so-many-customers hour. Somehow, the rojak (SGD 5.00) doesn't taste like any others I've came across, which made it unique. It was "fresh" in the sense the you char kueh wasn't soaked up causing it to be soggy.

I heard from him they also have the fruity versions which he don't fancy since he's not a fruity person. Such a waste.

Bone Steak Hor Fun Opeh

So far, I've only tried bone steaks (aka tulang) at Beach Road. I am no big fan for the goodness of tulang with its mushy bites, neither am I a lover of beef all thanks to Johan massive meatball feast at Ikea. Oh god, I feel so sick in the stomach even as I type the later.

Ok, back on track. The marrow (aka som som) of this dish are small and easily retrieve without knocking. For the meat on the bone, unlike the one at Beach Road where it takes you some time to nibble and bite, it is easily "scrapped" with just spoon or fork. Such convenience is the best for lazy people like me.

The gravy is freshing and hor fun goes really well with it. It's only tad spicy, unlike the exaggerated version from Johan's mouth. Despite my feel towards beef, this Bone Steak Hor Fun Opeh (SGD 8.00) is definitely worth the try.

Sure enough, these two orders left us bloated beyond words. Well, at least it's more for me since I can hardly stand the taste of beef. Sucks to be me.

After settling the bill that day, Johan told me besides the Bone Steak Hor Fun Opeh, they also have the chilli crab version.


With that, I was left hanging and craving for the chilli crab sauce. I thought having tom yum for lunch and indulging in my favourite dim sum will help ease the craving, but noooo! So, gave in to craving eventually!

Noor Jannah's Kitchen

I was so excited, I was literally grinning from ear to ear when we arrived at the usual parking spot. Thankfully the crowd was just like the previous visit.

The waiter seems to be more smiley this time round while taking our orders. After placing our orders, I don't know if they accept NETS payment or not, so Johan had to ride to somewhere else just to draw money. Oops.

Chilli Prawn Hor Fun Opeh

We were told by waiter they've sold out their crab and he suggested on the prawn ones instead. I agreed with the sad and okay-guy look. So much anticipation for nothing.

Or so I thought.

Chilli Prawn Hor Fun Opeh

The sauce taste exactly the same as chilli crab gravy. With just a dollar less, the Chilli Prawn Hor Fun Opeh (SGD 12.00) has definitely satisfied my craving. Although it was spicy, I actually can eat more of this compared to the previous visit.

Claypot Chicken Rice

Besides the above, we had Claypot Chicken Rice (SGD 5.00) which was also highly recommended by Johan.

The assumption I had of claypot rice is the rice grains are tad hard with the meeting point of rice and claypot crispy-burnt. This particular one from Noor Jannah's Kitchen is nothing of what I've just mentioned. The rice grains are soft and appetising. The part that surprises me the most is that the base is not sticked to the claypot, let alone crispy-burnt. I wonder if they had cooked the ingredients and rice separately before merging them together in a claypot.

The two trips to Noor Jannah's Kitchen had left me satisfied and beyond bloatness. I almost fell into food coma.

One tip though. Unless you are a big eater (and I mean REALLY big eater), it's best not to have a main by yourself. The look-small-but-actually-not portion and the overall seduction of your taste buds and stomach will make you feel full very quickly.

If you are in for a food adventure or comparison mission, why not just hop over to Noor Jannah's Kitchen?

Noor Jannah's Kitchen
2 Jalan Masjid, Singapore 418920

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