05 April 2012

Steamed Meat with Preserved Lettuce

Ever since I can remember, my brother and I love to steal a couple of preserved lettuce whenever mummy is in preparation of porridge. Sure it sounds unhealthily salty, but it's just too difficult to resist the goodness.

I can't remember when, neither can mummy remember how this was came across to her, the dish has been one of the regular ones prepared for dinner. It might have started when we're still residing at aunt's place, but brother and I definitely see more of this simple dish when we move back home after I graduated 6 years back.

Steamed Meat with Preserved Lettuce - Ingredients

Ingredients needed

  • Minced meat of your choice

  • Preserved lettuce x 1 can

  • Eggs x 2

  • Water

The procedures are quite straight forward. If I can do it, so can anyone!

Steamed Meat with Preserved Lettuce - Process

1. Dice the preserved lettuce to your preferred sizes. Don't have dice them into really fine bites, you might not be able to feel the crunchy-ness. I've seen some recipes that use the lettuce a whole, so it's really up to you here.

2. Mix the diced preserved lettuce, eggs with minced meat. Massage Mix them together.

3. Add water as you mix. It will appear as if the mixture is a little soaked. The amount of water you add determines the moisture you will get when it's cooked. If you add too little, the dish might turn out looking dry and tough. Don't flood the whole dish though!

4. Wait for the water to boil. Steam over medium heat for about 20 to 25 minutes.

Steamed Meat with Preserved Lettuce

During lazy days, just one dish is good enough to go with a plate of rice.

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