02 May 2012

Lazy Labour

I think it's an evil plot of The Universe to coincide Labour Day on a Tuesday. A public holiday on a weekday usually confuses one's mindset, a lot.

For some reasons, brother woke up at 6-ish in the morning and had trouble sleeping after that. He told he was killing time on Runescape while having the thought to migrate from his laptop to the desktop in the room after I wake up for work. He only realised 15 minutes after my usual alarm timing that it's a public holiday.

Sorry bro, your wishful thinking can wait.

I was already half awake when the testing chime went off. Glad that I managed to be awake for the monthly affair. Got into the freak-out mode knowing it's already May. Where have the past four months gone to?!

Lazed around the house, feeling hungry but determined not to get any food until brother wake up from his second slumber. We ended up with McDonald's and I get to indulge in their Spicy Chicken McNuggets, again!

It's sort of a thing we do whenever we order McDonald's - to make Xiao Bai walk. We still don't know why, and we never will, he is so obsessed with the smell of Fillet-O-Fish's bread.

As for the rest of the holiday, I literally stoned and lazed around as much as I can. I think the lazy side of me felt satisfied.

Hopefully yours was as satisfying as mine! xo

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