23 May 2012

The Brother Turns 21


I've mentioned this a couple of times, I am grateful we are not the distant type of siblings. I can't say I'm a good example, but I hope I have given my part as the older one during some points of your life so far. Of course, I am thankful for everything you did for me as the younger one and the manly one (the later part refers only to when you kill roaches for me).

I apologise if you were hurt by the comments of your snob girl friend, but I will never take back the words. They are your friends, I am in no way to interfere.


May you have an adventurous days ahead until you reach the next pit-stop of your path. Make mistakes (I don't meant by making me an aunt), break some hearts (kidding), eat more sushi than you ever can!

By the way, are you sure there's no more cake left in your nose? *smirk*

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