03 July 2012

Instagram Loves (June)

Instagram has become a frequently used app, other than social network like Facebook and Twitter. Well, at least for me. It's always fun to look back, seeing how times have gone past without knowing, while indulging in the precious moments.

First attempt of one; Finally stepped out of the comfort zone to try the 3-quarter jeans the boy bought (actually is his dad since he paid for it), despite the waist being bigger than it should be. Combination of two; Along with the top the boy's mum bought. I'd make a damn good impression if they see me in them. ;)

Us peeps went to send him as he begin the journey to Brunei for training. Despite unexpected turnouts, we are all glad he's coming home tomorrow. Can't wait to see him.

Nothing out of extraordinary. Just The Usual Food Date.

A quick gathering for LKV's 23rd. Spend the night/morning before to wrap a total of 23 layers of newspaper over the present. The sleep was well sacrificed.

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