30 July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises // Taiwan Training

With ample family time given in return of training at Taiwan, Parry finally had the chance to try awesomeness we talk about at Swee Choon Tim-Sum Restaurant.
Swee Choon Mee-Sua Kueh 面线粿

This time round, we made sure we don't over order like we did the previous time. Mee-Sua Kueh, Carrot Cake, Siew Mai, Har Kow.... thinking about them makes me crave for dim sum.

Johan picked us up and we rushed to Golden Village Marina. Somehow they managed to psycho Yu Ning into hitching the ride all the way to Marina Square instead of the nearest MRT station, just for photo purposes.
Polaroids before TDKR

The Dark Knight Rises is awesome! Emily's suspense played a bit for sure. I don't read the comics nor their cartoon series if any, so it's awesome as it is to me. It was fun spotting out the Inception casts, and the response from the gang when I told them Miranda is actually the actress for the role Mal in Inception. Hehe. I think Anne Hathaway makes a great Selina Kyle. Yes, the expressions and the body figure.

The following day we went to the airport to send Parry off to Taiwan for his training. The area was more crowded compared to the Brunei batch. According to the sir, he said there was two wings going to Taiwan together. Naturally, it was an eye washing moment for us all. Looking at good looking soldiers, pretty girlfriends, and even spotting #1 and #2 Mr Tall Tall One.
Polaroids before flight

Parry high on sugar
(Photo in courtesy of: Ding Jie) // I think Parry, too, was high on sugar that night.

It was about 1:05am after the taking group photos and polaroids, we literally ran rush to catch the Skytrain. For many of us (I am excluding sir here, so it's the rest of us), we have not run the way we did for many many years. Good work out, but I don't think the next one will be any sooner.

I was worried when Johan and Shu Xian posed for a polaroid shot in the Skytrain. Seeing Parry (the photographer) sticking his back to the pole, I was more worried for the pair who had nothing to hold on to. I told them to be careful, and they smiled. "One, two, threeeeee...." and Parry inched forward to them as he press the button. Yes, the train took a turn.
Skytrain Epic Shoot

Epic photo of the week.

We'll be praying for his safety and achievements at Taiwan. I can't help but feel a possible mahjong session when he returns. We shall see.

Now, what shall I have for lunch?

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