07 July 2012

TOMS Shoes

Ever since my first pair of TOMS, it was difficult to return to normal sneakers. Shoes from the T are so light weighted, they make the other brands feel like gold bars. I can still remember clearly the aftermath of wearing the Converse sneakers to Avenged Sevenfold's concert, my ankles felt as if they were going to detatch any time.

It's quite obvious when I really love something. For example, I used to have this brown bag which I like a lot. Often usage will inevitably cause wear and tear, but I refused to dispose it just like that and did all I could even if it means I have to sew. The end of our fate is when the side to hook the strap can out for some reasons. (Ok, it was because I abused it a little by carrying heavy stuffs. But still!)

Same goes for this pair of TOMS. The first hole occurred when my last toe nail got slightly longer than it should be. It took me a while to stress over how to salvage it and the idea of sewing it popped up. The right one had four operations while the left had half of it. Yes, that's how far I'm willing to go.

Now I have a new pair for the upcoming party, but I still don't bear to let the old pair go. Maybe, just a little while more....

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