20 August 2012

Ted-pic Mahjong Night

Cui LY

The accumulated mahjong crave since about a month ago had finally be satisfied for the four of us after Parry's return from his Taiwan training. Johan hung around a bit and the all the I-don't-even moments happened from there.

TedParry Tedmily
Photo in courtesy of @shhherry

  1. Sherry and I thought Parry calculated wrongly after throwing the three dices. We were "arguing" over the number and Lay Ying joined in with her spoiled-child tone "Noooooooo~~!" which kinda go viral after that. We would say "No" in that tone each time she say or do something funny.

  2. I thought among us, Kai Vearn was the last to know what the hype about Gangnam Style is. Apparently I was wrong, Lay Ying claims the title.

  3. During one of the last few rounds, Lay Ying decided to show us how tired and blank she really was. While trying to get her stacked tiles in formation, they broke down. When taking tiles for ourselves, she knock down tiles from other formations. Noooooooo~~!

  4. We slacked around after packing everything. Taking polaroids for the couple, lazing on Sherry's bed (her blanket got the nice hotel smell!). Parry decided to feed Ted (the bear) with a bottle of mineral water but the ladies refused to waste a polaroid film, so I thought I might as well capture this rare extreme childish moment on my phone. It was then, I realised, my phone is in the drawer of the mahjong table. Which, has been kept nicely in the storeroom. Noooooooo~~! But it was funny to hear the phone's vibration sound when Lay Ying call to double confirm that it is in the table before unpacking.

It was a good night to remember, and obviously the 'No' thing will be stuck with us most probably until we die.

Now, time to ease the hunger and off from the internet browser so I can stop listening to PSY's Gangnam Style.

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