08 October 2012

Hourly Snap // Panoramic Picnic

The last time both of us had a picnic date was in 2009. Unlike that time, I didn't prepare food for this morning's session. Well, I offered to do the Chicken Mayo the boy likes, but I got pissed off when his chefy self suggested on another cooking method which I obviously can't do. So all responsibilities are pushed to him. :\

Picnic Bunneh

7am // "Why can me go with you? Since me can't go, me leave me scent."

54 // Panoramic Picnic

8am // Camera, check. Ice, check. Food, check. We forgot drinks, again.

Smoked Salmon Sandwich (Bland) Chicken Wing

9am // To have smoked salmon as breakfast is the kind of luxury I don't mind having. If only the bread is not as thick, it would be purr-fect.

Out of East Coast Park

10am // I only truly learn how to use panorama function after the boy tried out on his iPhone 5. Takes lots of stability and patient, it's quite fun actually.

54 // Panoramic Picnic

11am // The one above has been kind to us for the whole morning. It only started drizzling when we drive out of East Coast Park. Lucky us.

Sims Addict

12pm // According to my schedule, it says "Kill more Sims" for the rest of today. Alright!

Plan B didn't happen, so overall today's session is a success! Talked a lot about the ongoing and upcoming. The awesome breeze, all dogs sighted and angels learning cycling are definitely bonuses for the day.

I can feel tingling sensation on the area that was exposed to the morning sun. Please don't let it be sunburn! *fingers crossed*

54 // Panoramic Picnic

Here's the boy and me wishing and praying with our slitty smiles (for you, for ourselves) for a better week ahead!

Although mine technically will only be better in 2013. Oh well.

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