19 October 2012

Stomach Flu, One Week Aftermath

The past one week has been plunging roller coaster ride. After getting hit by fever with MC for two days, the weekend was a toilet-bowl-hugging one.

Well, at least I managed to attend 86/12 Commissioning Parade before my puking party started. Come to think of it, the kimchi dinner and late night partying might have contributed to the trigger of the puking, but I have no regrets. :D

(Photo taken from Sherry's Facebook)

Quite honoured to be invited by him to be part of the ceremony which I never thought I will experience. It was definitely an eye opening one. To see the matching, uniformed eye candies, religious blessing ceremony.

Before Enlistment After Enlistment

On the homely news, the brother FINALLY got enlisted. I'm still trying to get used to the new hairstyle he has. Heh.

One more week till October ends. November is just going to be as gloomy. I seriously can't wait till a brand new year is here.

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