05 November 2012

Eye Spy: Halloween

Unlike in its origin, Singapore aren't really psyched up about Halloween. Although in recent years, I do notice Singaporeans start dressing up for parties in the club or home-based, as well as shops decorating their premises with webs and stuffs. Who knows, maybe our future generations will start going around for treats-or-tricks.

Anyway, here are seven things I came across and love from this horrific season.

These expressive pumpkins are SO adorable! I want to adopt one, especially the pumpkin on the right!

Initially I thought this would make a festive gift for colleagues at work. Sadly I got busy over the weekend and with the major X still happening in my private life, I did nothing in the end. Does this start to sound like excuses?

Seriously, why are people so innovative even on beauty section?!

Awwww! I should've gotten one and make Xiao Bai a wizard!

Take my money! The boy is included, right? *raccoon eyes*

Slutty Ghost
(Image Credit: Pinterest)

They weren't wrong when they say Halloween is the time to slut it up. It applies to every form ideas.

Raccoon Boy
(Image Credit: justjasper)

Instant love when I saw this. Manliness level up! The face on Mulan is damn epic. Haha!

So what did you spy this Halloween?

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