08 January 2013

To Do List: 2013

As a procrastinator, I'm no good when it comes to stuffs like resolutions. Since I've been looking forward for 2012 to be done, and with a couple of plans pinned in a brand new year, I thought it'd be a good to kick start with simple (and silly) goals.

2012 film
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With all the End-of-The-World talks in 2012, it's no surprise to see movies of sorts screening in theatres.

When 2012 was out, I refused to watch it no matter how interesting and tempting it sound. "If the world really end, I don't wanna know how it will. If it didn't, then the movie will be the first thing I'll watch in the brand new year."

Quarterly Read
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Definitely would like to try picking up reading habit. Perhaps a book every quarterly.

Any recommendations for easy start?

Embark On University
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I've been on studies hiatus long enough. Laziness is not exactly the reason why, but I'm glad things seem to be falling into places.

Can't wait to join my friends on the (long, for me) journey!

Change of Industry Course
Image Credit: Crossroad by ~milan-massa

It's my third/fourth year into the current job. As much as I love this no-OT and quite-slacking position, I think it's about time to really move on to the industry I want and one that will provide me with the experience I need for my course.

Fingers and toes crossed.

New Language
Image Credit: L for Language by ~tzeqi

Time to pick up a new language! To be honest, I don't really need a cert for it. I just want to know enough to converse a little (and to eavesdrop).

Trip with The Gang

The last time we had a trip together was in 2011. Seriously people, it's time to plan for one again!

A little late to get this posted, but better than never! Oh, actually, I've "checked" two of the above. Teehee!

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