03 March 2013

Instagram Loves (February)

Instagram has become a frequently used app, other than social network like Facebook and Twitter. Well, at least for me. It's always fun to look back, seeing how times have gone past without knowing, while indulging in the precious moments.

FEB 07

My first CNY red packet, from a non-Chinese. (He didn't know what the word meant.)

FEB 08

Instant change in handwriting when the copying has to be done fast.

FEB 09

Reunion dinner time!

FEB 10

A-Tio and his handy fingers. He made 200 of these.

FEB 10

xx rounds of ban luck.

FEB 13

Mad filling dinner with Mdm Chin and Mr Wu.

FEB 16

The Boy in his stressed mode. Teehee! (On the way to meeting my maternal side family for the first time.)

FEB 23

First time using laptop side-by-side, but objectives are poles apart. I'm blog hopping while The Boy works on his menu planning.

FEB 25

Fifty Shades of Chicken

It's scary how fast February was. Perhaps it's the Lunar New Year period, the somewhat busy time at work. Let's hope March will be as fruitful as I hope. *fingers crossed*

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