03 April 2013

Instagram Loves (March)

MAR 03

Instagraming them instagraming her.
MAR 09

This kimchi may not have the look, but it sure taste awesome.
MAR 14

Curry puff and hotdog pastries. Thanks The Boy and Martin for the delivery.
MAR 18

Free Egg McFuffin on National Day Breakfast. I can't believe people actually specially wake up to queue up. The boy kept saying this burger is very delicious because it's free.
MAR 21

Japanese Curry for dinner with The Boy. (I'm loving the carrots!)
MAR 23

Earth Hour picnic.

It yet another quiet month on Instagram, but lots of exciting stuffs happened the past weekend and a couple more soon. It would be better though, if the weather wasn't being such a bitch.

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