03 June 2013

Instragram Loves (May)

Waiting to change the dressing. I wonder if it will bring the female out of The Boy. Heh.

En Qi's 4th birthday - House of (Overdose) Sweetness

Breakfast for / the sick / the insane

Apparently cake can not only be baked, but cooked as well.

Finally, an al dante Aglio Olio by The Boy, which I don't have to pay to eat. Heh.

Au Chocolat Tower Cake | The Boy told me to get another one for myself after his first bite. Madness.

May wasn't being too friendly with me this year. I have been visiting doctors every start of the week (eh, not chao keng ok) and all the medications took the worst out of me. Well, that is finally over, thank goodness.

And can you believe the year is nearly half way there!? I felt as if January just started yesterday. This is bad news.

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