28 July 2013

Daily Gratitude 21-25

#21 Where You Sleep
My imperfect nestling area is perfect.

#22 Clothing
My Outfit Of The Day.

#23 In Your Closet
My brother is lucky that I am not a shopaholic. (Yah, we're sharing a closet.)

#24 Gratitude
Took a few times before we get to this. My dad was already asleep, so it's just mum and me. I'm grateful for all the effort they put in, the teaching, and the love.

#25 Artwork
Made this during Home Econs 11 years (!!!) ago. I think this is my only satisfaction from the craft world.

Taking an OOTD photo is not something I'd normally do, so I'm kinda glad it turned out decent. Heh. I LOVE the photo I took with mum, if only dad wasn't asleep then.

Image Credit: Positively Present
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  1. Lovely photos! I nominated you for the Liebster award: