29 July 2013

Hourly Snap // Daily Routine

Daily Routine is being set for one of the Gratitude Challenge. This is my one of those stay-at-home-and-rot weekend.

11am // Woke up slightly later than yesterday. As usual, I'd like to shower Xiao Bai with love first thing in the morning.

12pm // Satisfied with how the new header turned out yesterday, that kinda motivated me to finish up with the button.

1pm // Glee liquidfied my ear wax. That's not too gross, right?

2pm // Checking Passionfruit out. Not as lost as before, but still confusing.

3pm // What's a weekend without anime/movie/drama and a can of green tea?

4pm // Finally, keeping up with the updates on Bloglovin'.

5pm // Boredom strikes, so Xiao Bai gets more love from me.

6pm // Pre-dinner snacks. I kinda finished up this container of prawn cracker. Oops.

7pm // Watching The Adjustmenet Bureau. Emily Blunt is as gorgeous as ever.

8pm // Making changes on next month's project during tv commercial time.

I can't believe Sunday just flew past like that, which means Monday is creeping in fast. Urgh. I am so not ready for work yet.

I just hope this week will go by as fast as the past two weeks, can't wait for the fun packed weekend to be here already!

How was your weekend? I'm pretty sure it's more fun than mine!

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