03 July 2013

Instagram Loves (June)

Nonya Assam Fish // A pot of appetite tickling goodness

红豆碱水粽 (Jian shui zong with red bean)

62 // Throat-burning curry date

Ready to burn our lips, tongue, stomach, intestines (and maybe ass)!

Xiao Bai is still willing to walk for bun.

Beautiful Boy // Ice Tea // Gion (The red bean is insanely good!)

"I don't mind turn for head rest. And what do you mean by sore neck?"

And with that, it marks the farewell to first half of the year. Time flies, especially when you are getting older. So true.

This month has been a fast pace one as well. Instagram has came up with their own video function, pretty similar to Vine except it takes slightly longer recording. I've been experimenting with VSCOcam app on iPhone, the preset effects are awesome. I still need to work on allocating the perfect preset to the right mood though. Heh.

July and August will be an exciting ones, since I already have Project Of The Month pinned on them. But we'll talk about them when the time comes.

Have fun reminiscing the time lost in the past six months!

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