31 July 2013

Daily Gratitude 26-30

#26 Transportation
Even though I dislike how it destroy my hair, I am grateful for the places she brought us and the time saved on the road.

#27 Daily Routine
One of the few routines of mine (if you exclude brushing of teeth, showering, eating) is to do tiny planning for this space. The satisfaction comes big in return though. Heh.

#28 Night Time
Thoughts seem to be active especially at night. Rewinding the tears as I rest on my pillow, reliving the laughters when I hug my bolster.

#29 Lights
A new day begin with expired thoughts and fresh hopes. I'm thankful to be alive for another day.

#30 Self Portrait
I am NEVER good at taking selfie!

Annnd.... with this, it's the end of the Gratitude Challenge! It has been fun doing it, although I kinda strayed away from the purpose.

Image Credit: Positively Present

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  1. this is such an amazing idea! I wish that I had known about this challenge before. I totally would have joined.

    1. You can try out any time when you're ready! If you ever do, let me know. I'd love to look at them. ;)

  2. Love your mode of transportation!! So fun!

    1. That transportation comes with a rider (my boyfriend), so yah it's good. Haha! The only bad is that my hair is more wreck than usual. ):