18 July 2013

Weekly Wishes #1

I am quite doubtful to be part of the awesome Melyssa's Weekly Wishes Linkup community, mainly because I am a damn good procrastinator.

This week's goal: Start a mile a day exercise.

I had wanted to give Weekly Wishes a properly start, either on the first day of the week or kick start in a brand new month, but it seems like the-one-above is trying to send signals to me lately.

  • Lots of late night supper and immediate good night sleep for the past two months.

  • The old lady neighbour commented that I've put on a little weight, and said some weight is good on me I've always been so skinny.

  • The Boy had to excite me about Hari Raya Puasa - outfit shopping, lots of food on the day of visiting.

  • Upcoming holiday trip

I have been wanting to exercise, but my lazy self is just too lazy. Exercising is not necessary a weight loss programme, it's a good body building or health improving one too.

Let's hope I can accomplish the goal! What are some of your exercising tips?

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  1. Good Luck Elizabeth - It's so easy to be lazy so I hope you find the motivation :P xx

  2. Thank you Kayleigh! I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed.

    Hopefully you're feeling better from your flu!

  3. Just remember you are gorgeous no matter what :) You can do it!!!! When I feel to lazy to exercise I just make an awesome playlist of music I love and put it on full blast while exercising..If you love yellow - why not treat yourself to a new pair of yellow shoes after running a mile for a week?

  4. Awww thanks Lisa!
    I used to jog (that was a LONG time ago) with music blasting in my ears too. I like how it blocks out the surrounding noises and at the same time providing me the tempo.
    Rewarding myself for a new hard work sounds like a workable plan. *smirk*

  5. Welcome! Thanks for the sweet comment! Proper exercise is usually one of my most neglected goals but I'm turning that around... 30 min of yoga for me and 1 mile for you! We got this! :)