04 August 2013

International Friendship Day

Lately, I've been looking back at old photos (again) and felt all nostalgic. After a long and tiring from work and studies, I really misses the period of time when it's purely studies and a huge dosage of fun, when you don't have to worry about anything that comes with huge responsibilities.

I'm really thankful for wrong mistakes I've made, as well as the sweet memories people in my life had given me. They might not be physically here with me today for some reasons, but I'd console myself with the thought that we are living under the same big blanket of stars.

Each steps are engraved, each seconds are recorded. To the ones I love, and to the YOU reading this, happy friendship day! ♥


  1. that's really great that you are thankful for your mistakes, they are what shape us and help us grow:) i always look through old photos and get super nostalgic.

    1. Yah! Remembering that precious and silly moments, knowing how much we've changed physically and mentally.