10 August 2013

MT Expo

For someone who has a phobia towards masking tapes, I actually kinda fell in love with washi tapes and the art that comes with it.

When Intan blogged about the masking tape exhibition in Singapore, it triggered my interest. I sort of forget about the whole thing due to crazy work and studies schedule, until Melani posted this on her Instagram (she also blogged about it here). Then, it hit me that, I HAVE to go no matter what.

This reminded so much of Kaylah from The Dainty Squid.

There are so many choices available! Racks with rolls and rolls of tapes calling out for my name. If I could motherlode (pardon this The Sims talk), I would purchase one of every kind.

When I was there browsing, a table of strangers was decorating stuffs with the allocated tapes. It's really amazing to see the definition of art and creativity from someone else's perspective. If only I have a bit of their talent.

Well, as much as I tried not to spend a single cent, I failed terribly. For someone who prefers earthy and dull and dark colours, I'm surprised myself that I got these. To be honest, I am not regretting a single bit. (That does not mean I'm going to have a wardrobe makeover. Never.)

Do you have an obsession with the loveable washi tape? What are some of your favourite washi art?

The MT Masking Tape Expo Singapore is available at Ion Art Gallery from 26 July 2013 to 11 August 2013.

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