09 August 2013

Singapore's 48th

Images are taken on a preview parade on 3rd August 2013. Content may vary from the actual day's parade.

It's the little red dot's birthday! Every year, the same excitement of spotting the flags displayed at most HDB flats, kids running around in red with a small or self made flag on hand, people wearing red and white on the last day of work, food and retail discounts.

For Singaporeans who successfully ballot for tickets to watch the parade, they have additional excitement - fun pack, mingling in small and short activities as one Singapore initiated by the emcees, nation's dynamic defense display, uniformed personnel (hot!!!) awesome live performances, and fireworks!

Image Credit: NDP 2013 Official Website

The feelings and thoughts that flowed through my mind during the fireworks are different this year. For once, I actually enjoyed the segment.



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