26 August 2013

Blog Challenge // An old photo of you

First of, I have absolutely no memory about this. Of course my parents filled me in about it when my brother and I were flipping through old photo albums when we were younger.

According to them, this was a trip to Sentosa. Family trips were rather rare back then before the birth of my brother, since both of them work and my aunt acts as my second mum. I guess I was like less than 2 years old here?

Toddler being toddler, we get fascinated and awed by beautiful things. What's more, a circle that is easily a whole new world each time we get back to point zero. Kids. So, as my mum told me, I literally froze when one bunch of flowers fitted under my armpit. Apparently my distressed face and frozen body weren't clear enough for them to save me from the flowery devil, but instead a golden opportunity to snap for memory lane.

AND, apparently, the story doesn't stop there.

Later on after the flowery scene, my parents took me to the butterfly exhibition. By exhibition, I meant real butterflies flying around freely. What I'm going to say next will pretty much sum up how much the young me appreciate flying insects butterflies.

You know how when you keep suppressing that fear, pretend you're fine with it, but unleash when it's the final straw? Well, according to the folks, during the moment of appreciating the colourful insects, I shouted and burst into tears. Why? (God it's gonna be embarrassing to say this.) There was this Indian lady, back facing me, admiring the beautiful creatures roaming freely in the air. Come a light wind, blows her sari shawl high enough to touch me skin, and bam!

I must've thought a butterfly was trying to devour my arm apparently.

Well, despite such childhood memories buried deep in my memory box, thank goodness I didn't have a phobia against flowers and butterflies. Although, I can't really say the same for flying insects. Yikes!

Flipping through old photos with parents were such a joy. Listening to stories I have no recollection of, laughing at how silly each of us had been.

What about you? Do you have any old photos that still bring a smile on your face?

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  1. Cute photo! So adorable... Ahem, did any butterfly flew into your mouth by mistake? *peace*

    1. Erhem. What is that suppose to mean eh?

  2. Such a cutie pie ! I have a picture of my parents and I as toddler at Borobudur temple. It always brings a smile because it reminds me of our little family happy time :)

    1. Do you bring it around with you in a frame or something?