15 August 2013

Blog Challenge // Timeline of your day

When I saw that there was such a topic for the Blog Challenge, I was really excited because it means another chance to do Hourly Snap! Since it's a Thursday, this would showcase my typical working day.

7am // Showering my morning feet warmer with love before I head out for the day.

8am // Commuting to work via SBS Premium bus. Yah, it's cost slightly more than if I take the train, but I am willing to pay that difference if it meant reaching work on time without having to squeeze like a sardine in the early morning.

9am // Catching up on Bloglovin with a cup of hot milo.

10am // After net surfing and chit chatting with colleagues, it's time to get cracking!

12pm // Lunch with The Boy. Wanted to settle lunch at IKEA Alexandra but the queue was super long. Ditched Plan A and went over to Anchorpoint Mall. Ended up at its KFC outlet, which is good (for me) because I was craving for fries and chicken. Even though The Boy was the payee, I made sure my lunch was only S$5 max. I'm determined like that.

2pm // Back to work, with a pair of sleepy eyes.

5pm // Dragging my feet to class.

10pm // Finally home. Nothing beats a good shower after a tiring day. If only we can make ourselves 100% instantly like The Sims, we will have lesser utilities to pay and more time to sleep.

I really love doing Hourly Snap. Somehow the day went pass faster with the hourly duty on hand. Can't wait for the next one!

So how's your typical weekday like?

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