04 August 2013

Blog Challenge // What are you afraid of

Erhem. Don't go judging.

Image Credit: ~bittersweetvenom

The dead and motionless ones don't freak me up, but I still don't have the courage to pick them up for a toss out of the window down the chute. The alive ones.... I will brisk walk around or away from them. It all started during one of the babysitting days when my brother and I were younger. There my cousin was, in the middle of my brother and me, holding us each at her sides. The sudden downpour had made us decide to seek shelter at the nearest bus-stop, and to take a quick bus ride to the one near the residence. That downpour was especially heavy that the bus-stop was sort of flood. When it flooded, it means the drainage is clogged right? When the drainage is clogged, any living things' survival instinct will be going to the surface of water right? All of a sudden, I felt something in my sandals and I lifted my right leg for a quick kick. Oh. My. Effing. Goodness. It was a freaking cockroach in my freaking sandals, having skin freaking contact with my leg!!!

Plaster (adhesive bandage) / Scotch tape / Stickers
When attending my grandfather's funeral back in kampung (village), the curiosity as a little girl went slightly wild when parents' focuses weren't on me. I found a weird looking leafy thingy (I didn't know it was the leaves of aloe vera then) and got cut by the sharp edges. Naturally, the adults thought the best idea is to put on plaster, which I never had experienced before. The putting on, and removing days later, process was the screaming-at-the-top-of-my-voice one. Since then, I never dared touched plaster, scotch tape, stickers.

Roller Coaster
It took a decade or slightly more before I have the courage (mainly I was persuaded) to take on a roller coaster ride. Even then, I try my best to avoid such thrilling rides. For someone with motion sickness, such rides aren't typically your best friends, and the image of me puking while charging down ain't pretty at all.

Well, these are the few that are my extreme fears. What are some of yours?

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