19 August 2013

Blog Challenge // What do you collect

Not sure if you already know, my life is pretty.... boring. I'm pretty contented to live just in my own dreamy world as the time ticks away, doing things that I love even if it is meaningless.

I can't remember exactly when I started playing The Sims, but I was pretty young. Kids that age should be getting muddy and sweaty from the play time, but not for me. My mum was pretty, erm, strict protective. I wasn't really allowed to step out of the house, so it's practically home-school-home. I guess that kind of restriction protection got me liking God-alike games, like The Sims.

The Sims can be really addictive. I remember there was a period where I literally started playing from the moment I woke up until bed time. Yup, that's how insane and homely I can be. When The Sims 3 was released, naturally I got hooked on just by watching the trailers. When the expansion packs were announced, I didn't mind a single bit to purchase the originals. Of course I do it within my means, and not like a desperate gamblers going around asking for money just to buy. I know, that must sound crazy.

Intan has her snow globe collection (woman, you should have a show case of them), Zalifah collects postcards. That got me thinking, postcards collection sounds like a good start (and less pricey). The collection officially kicks off during the first Snail Mail Collective. This lovely piece was from Kayleigh, all the way from Essex, England. I'm still loving it, especially the colours (surprisingly), each time I looked at it.

I'm still looking for ways of keep the postcards. I have seen some who framed it up, paste on the wall, punch hole and file as an album. I don't think I can bear to punch hole in the lovely and precious postcards, so that's the headache I'm have. Any of you have any ideas on how I should go about safe keeping them?

What about the things you collect? Do share no matter how silly they might seem, I'd love to know about them!

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  1. I'm a huge fan of the Sims, too! I just don't play it as much as I used to, but when I do I tend to go a little over-board (aka everything else seizes to exist).
    That postcard from England is so cute. I definitely understand you want to preserve them. If you don't want to frame them - because I can imagine buying photo frames for an entire collection can get pretty expensive - how about laminating them, or buying a photo album and putting them there?

    Ps. thanks for visiting my blog :)