08 August 2013

Blog Challenge // What's in your handbag

• Wallet
• Concealer
• Brush for lashes
• Eyeliner
• Lip gloss
• Lip balm

Normally, only three items out of the above are permanent residents in my bag - wallet (duh), concealer and lip balm. I have the worst case of panda eye, so concealer sometimes can help a little. Not sure if it's because of the weather or my water intake, lip balm is becoming an essential item.

Today I brought a couple of extra items with me. Why? Because I went Hari Raya visiting with The Boy and his family! I can't seem to find the right colour for my lips, this combination was actually inspired when I came across a styling routine at A Beautiful Mess.

Even though it has always been on the interest list, I never made it a point for eye liner as a daily routine. Either it's the nature of the eyeliner or my oily face, it smudge so easily. Taking today as an example, the transition of becoming a panda began merely after an hour of apply the eyeliner. Le sigh.

Oh, you should also know that I don't really know how and fancy putting on make up. #justsaying

Despite the panda eyes, I had an enjoyable day. The green packets I received did contributed to the day a little. Heh.

So what's in your bag today?

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