01 August 2013

The Snail Mail Collective #1

Shortly after we talked about having international pals, Intan came across and shared this particular one hosted by Melyssa and Chelsea. I am very bad at choosing gifts, and am not someone who socialize well and take a long time to warm up to someone, so I hesitated if I should register for it. With the encouragement from Intan and Zalifah, I went all out. I'm thankful that I did.

If you love fashion, food and travel (and the rest under the sun), you will definitely like the stuffs Kayleigh Parker shares at The Things Life Throws at You. I was amazed by the common interests we have, which helped because it kind of helped break the ice.

The very first Snail Mail Collective's theme was to introduce where you live – what’s special about it.

Since we are both food lovers, I started brainstorming and looking out for gifts along that line. Zalifah and I scheduled on a day to go out gift hunting during lunch, both of us kept our fingers crossed. This little spoon caught my attention immediately and I know it's the one. Be it for tea time session or days to binge on ice-cream, Kayleigh can use it as and when she wants it. The best part? It spells your name, without really spelling it out. (Am I confusing you there?)

"I just got a big tub of icecream so I look forward to using it"

After sending the parcel out, I was worried and excited at the same. Worried if the gift is likeable or not, what if she already has an identical postcard. You know, that hard-to-ditch paranoid self. Feeling excited? I have a parcel of love (right?) flying in from England, of course there will be excitement in the air! Duh.

Shortly after Kayleigh receipt of parcel, I was really happy to come home to one after a long day. Just by looking at the description attached on the outside, I know my gift was pale in comparison.

Kayleigh's LOVES > Elizabeth's LOVES

(Just kidding.)

I can't remember if I ever told her I love gummy candies. Pity I can't indulge in them immediately (it was midnight and I was ready to drop dead asleep any time), but they are still a lovely sight to see. The owl necklace and the reason for choosing it are to die for. (I'm feeling more embarrassed now.)

Thank you so much, Kayleigh! It was definitely a pleasure (and where did I get those luck) knowing you. The postcard will definitely be the one to kick start the whole collection!

The Snail Mail Collective start afresh with a new theme on the 1st of every month, you have until 7th for registration. Pairing results will be announced a couple of days later (which felt like weeks!). Check out Melyssa or Chelsea for more information!


  1. Aw, what great gifts! I can't wait to take part this month :)

    1. It was a fun process! Brainstorming, shopping, waiting. If you've registered at Melyssa's or Chelsea's page, welcome aboard! :D