25 August 2013

The Sunday Currently #1

Thanks to Camie, I got to know of this link up created by Lauren. I guess it'll be interesting to know how others typically spend their Sunday, perhaps differently from mine.

• READING unread Bloglovin entries that I've missed since yesterday.
• WRITING the blog challenge entries that should've been done for today. I blame the flu bug.
• LISTENING TO Red by Taylor Swift.
• THINKING about the war to fight at work tomorrow. Le sigh.
• SMELLING nothing because of the flu.
• WISHING time will rewind.
• HOPING to get all the piled overdue load done by this week.
• WEARING oversized tee and three-quarter comfy pants.
• LOVING how mum made my favourite breakfast just to make me feel better from the flu bug. ♥
• WANTING some good Japanese curry rice.
• NEEDING to put on some mask right now.
• FEELING shortchanged because I spent the weekend fighting the flu bug instead of bumming around healthily.
• CLICKING on my favourite prints at Flapper Doodle Dollar Prints.

As I mentioned above, I felt as if my weekend never happened. Sucks that I'm 70% recovered a couple of hours before Monday, but overall I'm glad the fever and sore throat are gone. For now.

How did your Sunday go by? I bet it's better than mine!

Peep at how the others' spend their Sundays here!

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  1. Ugh. I came back with a flu+fever combo too. Get well soon babe!

    1. Yikes. Too cold over there? I think your body needs local food and its MSG. Haha. Take care too!