16 September 2013

A little update


I don't even know how to start on my recent events.

Since the start of this week, I did mention about how much I've recovered and obviously how happy I was. So on Wednesday, I was happy to indulge in tom yum fish soup for lunch in a rainy weather. I think that's when everything went downhill. Badly.

Wednesday night while trying to sleep, for some weird reasons, there was a sudden literal sick-in-the-stomach feeling. I thought it's just the medication I'm taking, so I forced the feeling down and fell asleep without knowing. I woke up the same position I was before (I know because I was lying down on my bolster on top of my pillow instead of my usual hugging) and thought I was feeling better. And boy, was I wrong.

The bus ride to work felt the longest ever. I started feeling queasy five minutes into the journey. The first thing I did after placing my bag on my desk was to go to the toilet and puke it out. I did my best to hold on to the unwell feeling until I finished rushing out all the documents I need my colleague to submit and went home at lunch.

When I reach home, the puking marathon practically started. It practically broke the puking record I had in Langkawi. Whatever I drink, it just come back out. Whatever I eat, it just bounce back out. Even 100-Plus didn't help much. It lasted all the way until midnight. By then, it was quite safe to say my body has no absorption of food intake at all. At the rate I was throwing up, mum had suggested a trip to A&E. I told her to monitor for a while more, lay on bed and fell asleep shortly.

The next day call for a must-visit to the family doctor. It was a LOOONG wait and by the time it was my turn, I was starting to have the feeling of puking. All I could hear from the doctor was "... fever ... gastric ..." while trying to hold back the sensation. After a smelly taxi ride, the first thing I did was.. no prize for guessing it right.

The medication did helped for some proper food intake at night. Imagine how frustrated I was after a day of no food and being worn out from all the puking. Yesterday and today has been alright, although I'm still taking small portion of food each time. The stomach still feel a little weird too, can't wait to be back to normal. (I really don't know when that will be though. T___T) I really feel bad thinking about the food I'm going to waste when I resume work tomorrow. Yikes.

There's lots of things to strike off on my to do list. Emails to reply, date The Boy, catching up on 148 unread posts on Bloglovin, etc.

Anyhoo, I really hope my body system will be back as per normal soon. Bed time!


  1. Please get well soon. Office is lonely without you, and for selfish reasons, I don't want Chandra to look for me instead. Hehe... But seriously, please get well soon. F1 is waiting for us this weekend. You can't miss it!

  2. I hope your feeling better!! I've been wondering why you had been MIA, and know that I'm thinking about you!