25 September 2013

Another update. A happy one.

Since the last update was posted, I sank back into unhealthy state once again.

Yah, damn. I know right?

I went back to puking out whatever I try to eat and drink. I was back in the state where I was bed sofa ridden, couldn't do anything and go anywhere. There was a night where I thought I was well enough to eat fish soup bee hoon, but boy was I wrong. After that when I went to throw up, the bee hoon was stuck at my chest. Omg the feeling stayed until the very next morning.
Note to self: Never eat thick bee hoon when having vomiting sickness again.

To be able to recover is not possible with the many supports I received, and I'm going to share a little why.

People from the company. Ok, mainly just the ladies. Heh. To be honest, this is the very first on the list for obvious reasons. I am really blessed and lucky to be such in human company. EL could've rejected my VERY last minute request for leave with the unpredictable vomiting chart, and for so many days, AND with pending work to be done. I must've troubled Za badly with my tardy work. (But luckily RC is busy with the long work schedule, so one less trouble for you. Haha.) And to miss the PL's birthday celebration sort of killed me a little. AND I had to miss the much anticipated F1 race with the ladies. Damndamndamn. Come to think of it, I should treat them to lunch. BACK TO WORK TOMORROW YAY!

Mummy. I'll be simple on this. I had made her worried sick, that's for sure. I feel guilty to put her through my vomiting sound, cooking plain porridge, serving and washing the plates after I'm done. T___T

The Boy. Another soul that I've worried. He actually didn't have enough sleep because of worrying too, and made an effort to pay me a visit even for five minutes after a long day. That really helped me mentally to go strong. I can't say enough thanks, even kisses can't compensate enough. I'll shower you more in our upcoming dates. ;)

And the prayers from everyone in blogoshere too. (I'd like to assume there are plenty since I'm quite alive kicking and not dead from all the vomiting.) I do receive email notifications of comments being left on my posts, but there wasn't any responds from me because I was too sick and disinterest. It's really good to know that friends whom I never met before are showing concerns too.

September has been yet another sickly month. BUT, I'm positive so I'll treat it as if it's a body overhaul before the upcoming trip. Like I've mention, no amount of thanks can truly express how I feel in (omg I'm on the verge of tearing). I really appreciate every love showered on my little world.


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