11 September 2013

Gratitude #2

Warm shower. It has been raining cats and dogs lately, and I am no fan of cold and chilly weather. Unless, of course, it's bed time. Other than that, I'm no good and can't function well in such weather. I'm grateful for having a heater at home, which means I can look forward to a good shower to warm my body up at the end of the day. Whoever invented heater, thank you.

Tolerance between couples. Or at least between The Boy and me. I am proud to say that my tolerance level to many things in life are quite high, even so towards The Boy. Especially when he yap non-stop about his day at kitchen, cutting techniques, food, motorbike, whatsnot. I am grateful that his tolerance for me is quite high too, and a couple of days ago proved it so. (Sorry, I don't really want to elaborate much on that because I actually kinda wanted that day to be erased from history.)

Xiao Bai's post surgical review is A-O-Kay! My brother was again the one who ferry him to and fro since it's a work day for me, but he kept me posted on the stuffs doctor said. Apparently his surgical wounds are fully healed. (Thank god!!!) The only thing she wasn't pleased about is he had gained obvious weight over the two weeks. I guess that's inevitable since he was supposed to be caged and refrained to any form of exercise for that two weeks, and his appetite was really good during that period, so gaining weight was something we can't avoid. That should be easy to tackle since he's allowed to roam around the house now. *fingers crossed*

Finding gratitude was a little tough this past week. Mainly because I was too stressed up with the pile of work to clear in the day. Need to remind myself constantly to slow down my mental pace in order to be sane. I can use a good massage now. (Figuratively. I CANNOT stand massage on my shoulders or anywhere of my body.)

Any tips on keeping one's head above the water?

Let's take a look on how what others are grateful for this week!



  1. I love hot shower too ! it's something I put in my gratitude list at least once every month :)

  2. Thanks Elizabeth for participating again! I agree -- last week was a hard one for gratitude! But it sounds like you were able to find some good things to be thankful for. And yeah -- whoever invented heat -- well, they deserve a lot of praise and I am soooo thankful for that, too! :)