27 September 2013

How the big 'I' changed me

"Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you."

Whether it's blogging or social media, the Internet has definitely made an impact in my life. In fact, our lives.


I am not that kind of girl/person who constantly messages her friends or spend hours talking on the phone. That's not really my character at all. Don't get me wrong though, I love my friends and the joy they bring. That doesn't mean I have zero concern of them too. This is where platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram come in handy! I can either stalk get updated on their daily going secretly or have an aftermath gossip about. I guess this is what they call silent love. Right....?

To be standing on a tiny plot of space in the blogosphere has been awesome so far. Although I'm not so connected with many (even least connected with the local blogging group), I've met pretty awesome people here. It's not always easy for me to have a big balloon of positivity, but the energy here is inspiring to help keep my head above the water most times. The best part so far into blogging is that I'm doing things I've never thought I would be! Like, learning things everyday (duh), exchanging mails from someone in a total foreign countries. Blogosphere has also helped feed my travelling soul.

I have always been grateful for the changes Internet has brought, and I believe I will continue to be.

How about you? How has Internet changed you?

Blogtember, a September blog challenge, initiated by Jenni has been focused and taken part by many others. It's a good way to revisit the past, appreciate each happy and sad moments, discover yourself, and of course knowing the fellow yummers of the blogosphere! Don't forget to check up other link ups!



  1. The internet ( social media and blogging) has changed my life too, in some good ways as well as bad. I keep blogging because I love the people I meet, but social media I've found to be very draining.

    1. Yah, I agree on the bad ways as well. There's always two sides of a coin. Draining in what sense?