05 September 2013

3 Months of Travelling

"If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?"

For me, it would be travelling! Duh! Of course, this is in assumption of a situation where everything is paid for to do "anything in the world". Heh.


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Mount Fuji @ Honshu Island // I've seen so many episodes of Japan Hour on TV that revolves around this beauty, and each time it brings a different wowness.

Kawachi Fuji Garden @ Kitakyushu // I think somehow my genes have a liking towards flowers, especially orchids, just like my mum is to my grandfather. I think I can just lie under these strings of flowers all afternoon and not move at all.

Winter Illuminations @ Kuwana // Isn't this such a romantic place to be with your loved ones?

Anywhere with aurora

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As I mentioned previously, you must know that I have dream of seeing aurora with my own eyes! There are many places far that can see these magical nature. A must-go if I have an opportunity to.

It would literally be the best thing in life to happen should all these come true, without any burden (like money....). It doesn't hurt to dream a lil right?

Where would you go if a golden opportunity like this were to happen?

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  1. Um, yes. to everything in japan.
    I mean the aurora looks great, but wow. I have never wanted to go to japan so badly.

    1. Yah! Japan is like on so many people's place-to-go list. One day. One day.

  2. Replies
    1. I wish I can! Does your job covers that area?