01 September 2013

The Sunday Currently #2

• READING the post about 'Under The Sea' themed gifts at Lost in Travels.
• WRITING up entries to sign up for September's Snail Mail Collective!
• LISTENING to shouting/crying/yelling kids in the estate.
• THINKING about classes.
• SMELLING nothing because my nose is still blocked, no thanks to the flu bug.
• WISHING for a longer date instead. :(
• HOPING September would be kind!
• WEARING brown long tee, shorts and slippers. Quick meet up with The Boy!
• LOVING how my mum conveniently whipped up three spicy dishes, slipping her mind that I'm still sick.
• WANTING the cough to be gone!
• NEEDING a project for the month of September.
• FEELING like a jelly. Guess the medication is taking effect.
• CLICKING through today's Lumosity training session.

Peep at how the others' spend their Sundays here!

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