29 September 2013

The Sunday Currently #4

  • READING the map cousin lent to me.
  • WRITING a feedback letter to Tsukada Nojo Singapore.
  • LISTENING aunt and mummy talking in the kitchen.
  • THINKING about the packet of Roller Coaster sitting on the table. Imma eat it soon. (Actually now.)
  • SMELLING the packet of Roller Coaster. Mmmm~ (Yah, I've opened it and am eating it now.)
  • WISHING weekend was longer.
  • HOPING for a good dinner by aunt. Exciting!
  • WEARING a white t-shirt and a blue Hawaiian shorts.
  • LOVING the starting part of Rango already!
  • WANTING more time with The Boy. ):
  • NEEDING to plan on Bangkok trip soon!
  • FEELING a little bloated from all the carbonated drinks.
  • CLICKING on Lay Ying's feedback. Hilarious.

This weekend has been relatively fruitful, but it felt too short! The accommodation for the Bangkok trip has finally been booked, starting to feel a little excited!

Peep at how the others' spend their Sundays here!


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