03 September 2013

Weekly Wishes #8

Last week's goals weren't too much of a success. I'm only 60% into clearing the overdue work, of course that ain't gonna stop there. I didn't get much luck in terms of cutting out on the spicy food, it's as if it was fated for me to must eat during a couple of days throughout the week. Pffft. I wished I was more involved with the encouragement for WW linkups, no thanks to the flu virus.

This week's goals:
• Get rid of the remaining virus in my body once and for all. Two weeks in and I'm still sick, AND I had to miss work today because the thick phlegm is making me miserable.
• Since the S$5 was such a success, I'm going to try a S$10 per day budget this week.
• Show love and encouragement in all the linkups I'm taking part this week. They deserve some of 'em when they take time to post.

Looks like the medication is taking its effect. Guess it's nap time.

Hopefully your goals for this week will be easy to tackle!

Send your encouragements to the peers who are linking up here!

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  1. When you're sick, I think every other goal should just be forgotten about and the healing process should always be the #1 priority. So don't feel bad if you didn't quite accomplish everything you wanted.

    And also, I think that saving money is always a good goal :) Good luck with your wishes this week. And remember to take care of yourself so you can heal faster :)

    1. Yah, being sick really restrict the productivity by a lot. That kinda sucks, can't helped to feel that way.

      Yes right!? A goal to save money can keep the pocket fuller, waist smaller too. Haha!

      Thanks for the encouragement and well wishes thought! xo

  2. Aww I hope you're one hundred percent up to snuff soon! What method are you using for budgeting? I could always use tips with that! xx

    Allie //

    1. It kinda pisses me off looking at the huge pile and a little demoralising at the same time, but I'm working on it! Woosh!

      Well.... my budgeting method is REALLY basic. Currently, I'm adapting one that I learnt from a talk show. Every month when he gets his salary, he will put away 10% as untouchable savings first. For me, I do that only after giving allowances to my parents, utilities bills and other fixed bills. (OMG I hope I'm not killing your brain cells here LOL.) But that's applicable only if you work.

      If you're not working and still depending on your parents in some ways, it's also easy to save depending on your determination. You can restrict your spending to $5, $6, $10 per day. Whichever.

      I always feel it's best to start out easy when it comes to budgeting/saving. I'm keeping track on my daily expenses now, hoping to try out envelope system one day! What method are you using now?

      (Yikes! Long reply comment!)

  3. I hope you feel better! That's terrible that you've been sick for two weeks! I read your explanation of your budgeting system above and I'm always looking for different methods to budget. I'm still not sure what method is the best for me. I'm trying to figure out I should set aside my saving when I first get my paycheck or after I pay off everything. It's so difficult sometimes! Good luck with your goals this week!

    1. Thanks Mallory! Most would go with saving upon getting paycheck. It kinda help make it a good habit. Well, there's tons of budgeting/saving methods out there. Just don't stressed yourself too much over it, take your time to try out. Hopefully you'll find THE ONE one day. Haha!

  4. Aww get well soon. Penny pinching is my goal too. We can do this!

  5. oh.. poor you! I really hate being sick, but oh well. None of us are 100% protected from that! So get well, Girl! :)
    I'm loving your blog, and your weekly wishes are just great! :) can see that there's a very kind person behind this blog :)
    Good Luck X

  6. Thanks! You are too kind, and making me blush!