24 October 2013

EYE SPY // Cosy Autumn

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Living in Singapore has its pros and cons. Don't worry, this is not a bitching post about somewhere which I regard as home. One of the con is - experiencing seasonal change here is like walking to Antarctica, impossible. For now.

Every year during Autumn, I'd like to see how Pinterest get floated with relevant photos. Admiring my favourite autumn leaves, going gaga over those scarfs and boots (while feeling the heat from the sun or the cold during wet weather), hearing talks about pumpkin drinks. It's starting to be an annually date with the internet.


The sweet Emily sent me two images of what she sees in Canada over WhatsApp. I can't even express my jealousy enough over the phone.

One day, one day I will witness each seasons with my own eyes.

What about you? What do you go head over heels for during this lovely season?


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