10 October 2013

Flying Out - Bangkok, Thailand


Can't believe the Bangkok trip is finally here. I even stayed work late yesterday just to ensure I clear whatever outstanding work on hand I can think of before passing the baton temporary to Za. I have a feeling something will happen at work during my absence, it has been tested and proven so far. Yikes.

I thought the excitement will start brewing when I check the points on my packing list, but nope. I guess it will only settle in when I'm entering the Departure Hall. The Boy is more excited and nervous than before though, he's in a paranoid stage thinking he might miss something. He's starting to make me doubt myself too. :\

To mark the end of The Boy's internship and upcoming graduation, this trip serves THE celebration for him and hopefully brings the much needed break both of us need. One thing for sure, we will be eating A LOT. No kidding.

If you'd like to be teased by the things I spy with my little eyes, feel free to follow me on Instagram! I might share this mini adventure and make you a little jealous when I have WIFI back in the hotel. Heh.

Until next Monday, laters gators! xo


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