02 October 2013

Gratitude #3

3G that are easily accessed as a local here in Singapore. The last time I used Wireless@SG was at least four years ago and the current registration makes me wanna put a bullet through the screen. Thankfully for the hotspot, I can leech on my iPhone 3G to surf net on laptop while waiting for The Boy at Starbucks.

Neopets' existence when I was young. Along the way of having fun, I've picked up VERY basic HTML knowledge from there. Thankfully for that and the help of Google search, I was able to tidy up my sidebar and some tweaks on this space. If only I had more curiosity to learn and pick up coding back then. Le sigh.

Photos sending are so easy these days, especially with apps like WhatsApp. The Boy sent me a photo of him at work, as a memento of being the trainee there. I love how the photo made me fall in love with him more (sorry for cheesing you out), but hate it that I can hug him out because of his shifts this week. Booo!

So glad to be back onboard the gratitude boat! After being sick for so long, it's pretty easy to find gratefulness in little things this week. Now I'm feeling pumped up to fight through work until the trip is here!

Let's take a look on how what others are grateful for this week!


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