16 October 2013

Gratitude #4


I am grateful to born and be raised in Asia. I can generally accept all kinds of flavours - spicy, sour, weird. Obviously this helped when I travel to the land of smile (and land of tom yum), Thailand.

Once again, I am grateful for the tolerance both The Boy and I had for each other. It's especially crucial when it comes to being alone together for a long period of time. He tolerated my indecisive shopaholic side, farts, Evian-only policy, loud volume when I'm too excited. I tolerated his pickiness on the hotel food, stinky bombs, unintentionally conquering the blanket and three-quarter of the bed.

I love holiday, but being away for 5 days was long enough to make me miss home. Though figures on the phone bill might make me wet my pants a little, I didn't regret calling mum every night before I sleep. Knowing the worrying side she has, I am grateful for international roaming.

Of course, this has to be said each time I land with my lungs still actively breathing - I am grateful to be home safely!

Let's take a look on how what others are grateful for this week!



  1. Cute picture!

    I never worry about flying but I am always happy when I have landed safely. :)

    This is a great list!

    1. Awwww thanks Crystal! I love to be in the sky, but the taking off and landing aren't my favourite part. (My boyfriend makes fun of me on this.)