30 October 2013

Gratitude #5

How do you let others know you appreciate them?

I won't deny it, I have my fair share of taking things for granted. Being loved. Home-cooked food. Kind gestures. Receiving good customer service. Straightforward transport system. Etc etc etc etc etc.

I will be honest with you, I believed taking things for granted is much easier than appreciate with acknowledgement. Even more so for people who are closer to you.

Until I step out to the working world.

Stepping into the big real world is definitely an eye opening phase of my life. I learned that as much as simple gestures can be taken for granted, a simple acknowledgement can also brighten someone's day. Ok, I only absorb the lesson after experiencing it myself. With the help of good teaching, the Internet and of course family upbringing, it took me no time to give and take. It takes two hands to clap, right?

I do listen when friends complain about the train breakdown or long waiting time for bus, but I don't really complain as much. I tell myself, transportation here is already the most convenient I've ever seen, and remind myself that it can be hours of travelling in some other parts of the world. I smile at counter staffs when I feel their sincerity, give a thank-you whether their service is good or not. I'd go miles with feedback if I'm overwhelmed with good services (same goes for bad ones, but that's not the point here). I try my best to make it a point to gobble up food at home if mum cooks, or make requests for particular dishes which she loves to accept. Reciprocate care, concern and love to J especially.

Ok.. that's a big chunk. Heh.

I do have a couple of bonus points to be grateful about this week!

• J is still enjoying the bumming-around days since the end of his internship and our Bangkok trip, although his butt is starting to itch and having the thoughts of going back to the industry for some part-time work first. I am grateful that he has been fetching me from work and going around or back home for dinner without much complain. +1 to boyfriend points.

I am grateful that J and I have the same liking in terms of movies and food choices, so it wasn't difficult in pinning a movie we wanna watch. AND he doesn't mind watching one at home, with me. Score!.

• Because of the above, J has been lurking around my place at night as well. Be it watching movie, surfing YouTube, playing PS3. The best part is that dad and mum are getting used to his presence. A big, BIG, step. I am REALLY grateful for the acceptance they portray so far! You can image the big grin I have on my face now.

Let's take a look on how what others are grateful for this week!



  1. I think most people also have their fair share of taking things for granted. :) I love your list of things to be grateful for this week! They're great.

    1. Yah, I think everyone will at least go through that phase once. Thanks Crystal! It means a lot to me. :D

  2. aww. =) cute things to be grateful for!
    you're blessed you and your bf have similar taste..
    my husband and i always bicker about each other's movies because we have totally different movie tastes. when we do agree on one, we're always shocked. ^.^

    hope your parents begin to like your boyfriend more and more over time. are you serious about him? marry him, when you're ready. =)