18 October 2013

Bangkok, Thailand // Detaching Feet

I am finally home! You might be asking, why "finally"? Don't get me wrong, holidaying is as fun as it sounds but spending 4 nights away did make me miss home a little. My bed, pillow, bolster, Xiao Bai.

So, like my previous Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia trip, I'll give my best shot in sharing the trip I had this time round.

10 October 2013

Somehow The Boy (hereafter known as J) managed to convince his dad that there is sufficient time for breakfast, we ended up eating prata at a stall near his place. Then his dad drove us to the airport, reminding us to take care and be careful of our belonging before we alight. J had a quick catch up with Firdaus while I did my credit card activation.

After checking in to the waiting area for boarding
J: So, after we come in here, we cannot go out anymore?
Me: Hmmm... kind of, I suppose.
J: What if I need to pee?
Me: Hold it until you board the plane.
J: But I wanna go back out to get food. Hungry lah.
Me: Didn't you just had prata?!
J: *gives a jokey smile*

Shortly after settling down, the air stewardess came to us for verification, which kinda shocked the both of us. She told us our package comes with chicken rice and two drinks of our choices each. I turned and gave J my surprised face and turned back to the stewardess, who was a little confused by our surprised faces. We placed our order and she proceeded to the next on her list. Both of us looked at each other, trying to recall if we booked the package with food. After a quick check on the phone (we were still on ground), we really did book the package.

I told J this - be careful what you wished for.

J decided it was a good idea to steal ear piece from a gal who is prone to motion sickness (aka yours faithfully) and irritate entertain the hell out of her with hands movements to N Sync's Bye Bye Bye. @___@ I wasn't too deprived from musical sounds since he has a bad habit of blasting volume high up.

In the midst of feeling awed by a new surrounding
J: Eh, I can read Thai words already.
Me: o___O Mmhmm...
J: Really! Ok, I tell you what this signboard says.
Me: Ok....?
J: Tom yum tom yum tom yum.

Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Siam Hotel
889 Rama 1 Road, Wangmai, Pathumwan, Siam, Bangkok, Thailand
Nearest BTS Station: National Stadium

The airport was exactly the same as how it was back in 2007. The journey from the airport to our hotel didn't take long, the front desk availability was like icing on the cake. For some reasons, J reminded the front desk officer about his our little request for higher floor and a preferable view of the National Stadium. When he mentioned that a room has already been prepared and is ready for us, and waiting for a room as per the request will require an approximately an hour wait, I seriously thought he would just take things as it is. Nope, he decided to wait for an hour.

The kind front desk officer offered for us to leave our baggage while we take a walk around the area. When we left the hotel, I asked J about his decision to wait. "Well, we will be here for 4 nights. I would rather wait for an hour than face the side of an old building during my stay." Mmhmm.

I was surprised how near MBK and the malls at Siam are to our hotel! I could've conquer the places longer, but because the old pair of flats I wore was killing my feet so badly, I started to sink into grouchy mode a little.

We got back to the hotel, unpack a little and head back out. Settled dinner at a restaurant which wasn't too much of satisfaction, the hot and spicy soup noodle we had tasted like laksa, and retired early to rest our my detaching feet.

Do stay tune for more travelogues on this trip! #havingfunteasingyou



  1. She served you food before take off??? Power service. Hahaha! And oo, I love the location of your hotel. My favourite hostel is right opposite National Stadium and is so accessible. Me gusta. MOAR TRAVELOGUES PREASE.

    1. Oh no no, she verified with us before take off. Food only comes when we up flying. Heh. Ooo what hostel is that? I didn't expect the location to be so accessible too! More coming up! :p