19 October 2013

Bangkok, Thailand // Hanky Panky

This is a continuation of my recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand with The Boy. Do spend some time to read about Day 1 if you haven't!

11 October 2013

Breakfast was so-so, although J wasn't really pleased at how they do their folded omelette. Chefs and their expectations.

Wat Pho was slightly more crowded than I thought it would be. Lucky for the first experience in 2007, I had told J beforehand to wear slippers instead of his stinky pair of Crocs because we will have to keep it in our bag or the one provided by them in order to walk in the temple bare footed.

The Reclining Buddha is still as breath taking as before, J was amazed by how big and shiny the Buddha structure is. This time round, I could hear more ringing from the 108 bronze bowls. Although at the finishing line, a woman accidentally knock over the highly stacked empty bowls when she tried to stack hers. Instead of helping, J grabbed my hand and pulled me to proceed to the exit of the temple. Le sigh.

We toured around Wat Pho, enjoyed the serenity of the other side of the temple where there isn't any tourists except for the sound of prayers by the monk. We left the place and headed back to the pier, decided to skip Wat Arun and waited for the boat back to Central Pier. The partial view of Wat Arun from the floating platform kicked back the trip in 2007. One day I'll bring J there.

Getting to Wat Pho:
• Take BTS Skytrain, alight at Sathorn Taksin station.
• Follow the sign to the exit that says "Sathorn Pier" or "Central Pier".
* You can purchase one-way or full day tickets at the ticketing stand.
• Alight at Tha Tien Pier, walk out of the low roofed passageway. You'll be able to see direction leading to Wat Pho.
* Entrance fee (for 2 pax): ฿ 200

We decided to check out the alley near our hotel for real local food. From the first stall onwards, we can only use our imagination based on their ingredients and patrons' bowls as to what they are selling. The "menu" they hang in front of their stalls at all in Thai! We walked till the end of the line, only to realise the last stall has the words "Chicken Noodles" written. It did smell kinda appetising too, so we went ahead to place our order for take away.

In the midst of cracking our heads on how to hold the soup base noodle, we were surprised when the cook packed two styrofoam bowls in the plastic bag. Such a nice (though not green) service! The best part is two portion cost only 60 baht! MMHMM! Oh, the AWESOME part was we managed to find green tea (finally not coke!) from the provision shop near the hotel. It was one blessed afternoon!

After a quick nap, we head over to our next planned spot - Madame Tussauds Bangkok! I had seen photos by family and friends from their visit to the wax museum, so I told J we have to visit it when we are there. J had even planned on how to pose with a certain celebrities prior the trip. That's my boyfriend for ya!

On our way up to the floor where the exhibition locates, we walked past a booth that was two floors lower. We thought, might as well get the tickets here in case there's a long queue upstairs. The salesman told us that if we buy our tickets at the booth, it will be slightly cheaper than if we get it upstairs, which we did. I didn't really bother double-checking his claims, too excited to see the wax statues myself.

It's really interesting how real some of them look like to their original. It must've be a painstakingly process to get every details right, but it's definitely worth it. Of course, for someone like me who lacks of such skills, I'd probably burn myself with all the wax ingredients I have. (I'm just kidding by the way. About burning myself.)

We couldn't recognise a handful of them, and judging from the names, I think they are the local celebrities. I'd like to have a wax statue of myself too.

Pardon J. For some weird reasons, he was posing touchyly towards the ladies of his favourite. Thank goodness he doesn't do things like that to me though. It was still funny to see him leak his perverted expression at the very first second of posing. Heh.

Madame Tussauds Bangkok
6th Floor, Siam Discovery, 989 Rama I Road, Phathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Nearest BTS Station: Siam
Entrance fee (for 2 pax): ฿ 1280

For dinner, we decided to go with Emily's recommendation - Somboon Seafood Ratchada Branch. We did hesitate for a minute because of the location, but eventually went with it by travelling all the way to Huay Kwang MRT Station.

We kind of travelled at a wrong timing - left the hotel 5pm, sort of bump into the peak hour crowd. Alighting at Asok, we side tracked to two escalators, thinking there is one going down. J walked in front to scout, shortly after he realised it was two upwards escalator, he grabbed my hand and walked at lightning speed with the flow to Sukhumvit MRT Station at the basement. Bought a token each from the ticketing machine, and headed to join the line of queue. I assumed the amount of passengers won't be as crazy as the one on the surface, but boy was I wrong. It was much more packed! J was fidgety during the journey to Huay Kwang Station.

"If you enjoy seafood, go to this place called SomBoon. You can take the train there. SomBoon Seafood Ratchada 12 Ratchadapisek Road (Huay Kwang Station underground)"

With such a direction from Emily, one would expect Somboon Seafood to be in the basement of Huay Kwang station. At least that's how I interpreted. With no sight of restaurants and no indication of which exit to Ratchadapisek Road after exiting the platform, we went up to the surface via one of the exits just to try our luck. J and his sharp eyes noticed a big crab signboard that has 'Somboon Seafood Restaurant' next to it diagonally opposite us, so we went back down and travel via Exit 3.

The food is damn awesome!!! AND, the whole meal cost ฿1014 (about S$41)! You might be wondering why I'm excited, here's why - If I were to order a similar size-plate of that crab, it would cost at least $30 here in Singapore. Now you get why I was so stoked about the meal?

Somboon Seafood
Ratchada Branch
167/9-12 Huay-Kwang Intersection,
Ratchadapisek Rd., DinDeang, Bangkok 10320
Tel: 02-692-6850-3

We didn't order any desserts because we were feeling super stuffed. J, however, did feed my soul with some good desserts. *trying not to laugh*
J: Hey, you know right, why just now at Asok I walked so fast after turning at the escalator?
Me: Er, because it was crowded?
J: No....
Me: Then?
J: Because that transvestite was talking to me!
Me: No lah.... I think must be talking to someone else.
J: No, I'm serious. He.. she.. followed me to the escalator and when I turn, he also turn! And she kept speaking to me in Thai.
Me: Seems like my boyfriend is of a ladyboy's standard. *giggle*
J: Sigh. Then right, in the train, you know why I suddenly move nearer and nearer to you?
Me: You did?
J: -___- Yes, I did. Because right, the lady behind me was touching me.... *show me example - finger go up and down my hand (butt, in his case)*
Me: HAHAHA! Dude, you attract all sorts of woman ah.
J: -___-

There is not better way to end the epic fun day with an original glazed Krispy Kreme. Both of us got two each, but I only had the stomach for one. J commented how we should've gotten a dozen of them, since it's satisfying to the taste buds and much cheaper than Singapore's. So I gave him mine and enjoy the sight of him sinking his teeth in the doughnut. Heh.

Do stay tune for more travelogues on this trip! #havingfunteasingyou



  1. OMG your dinner looks AMAZING. I want some now!!! It looks like you had such a fun time in Thailand. It makes me more excited to plan a trip there, eventually! (I'd go just for the food, to be honest, but there are a ton of other things I would love to do too!)

    1. AHH you made me want some now too! We had fun eating, eating, shop a little, and eating. Haha! Hopefully it will be soon. Maybe during the next school break, Mark and you can fly there if condition permits. ;)