20 October 2013

Bangkok, Thailand // Murderous Morning

This is a continuation of my recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand with The Boy. Do spend some time to read about Day 1 and Day 2 if you haven't!

12 October 2013

Reversing the previous morning's pattern, J was the first to be fully awake. Surprisingly.

J: D, D~ time to wake up.
Me: Hmmm? Kaaay....
J: Wake up uh, go wash up.
Me: You go first kay?
J: You go first~
Me: You go first, since you're already awake.

I seriously have no idea why he insisted on me washing up first, but he wasn't ready to give up. With my back facing the window, he walked to the window and said "Ok, I will help you wake up." You know what he did? He pulled the curtain to another end! Even though I wasn't facing the window and had my eyes still closed, I was blinded by the sudden invasion of sun. You can imagine how blinded J was.

Me: What the fuck dude!
Me: You pea sized brain idiotic moron! Why you do that for?!
J: To wake you up, but I didn't know it would be this bright! OMG!
Me: ASSHOLE! *points middle finger*

Then, I got up and went to wash up. Yes, somehow his moronic plan worked. Of course I went to breakfast with a grumpy look. Who wouldn't?! As a form of apology, he took the initiative to help me get breakfast while I stone on my seat. Each time he apologised during the breakfast, I would shoot him with "Moron." Don't worry, the anger didn't last long. After filling the stomach with hot chocolate and waking up fully from the walk to the BTS Station, I'm ready to forgive and forget. He's still a jerk for doing what he did though.


Leaving the station, it was obvious which exit to go to. The bridge leading to Chatuchak was packed of people! There were lines of buses and cabs along the stretch of road side stalls underneath the bridge.

Chatuchak Weekend Market
Nearest BTS Station: Mo Chit
Open on Fri 6pm to 12am, Sat and Sun 9am to 6pm


We walked the outer ring twice before J decided to actually try something. Yah, he takes a long time to warm up. Meatball with Thai sauce (SO GOOD!!!), chicken kebab, teh tarik. We tried looking out for bird nest drinks, since Lay Ying shared that it's very common on the streets, but didn't see any stalls selling it. The teh tarik was surprised our taste buds. J likes it because it's not jelak, and the refreshing part of it is what make us fall in love with. As for me, I like how he performed when pulling the tea. Amazeballs.

The inner circle of the market sells all sorts of things in the alley. Clothings, furnitures, household items, souvenirs, accessories, even pets. Yes, pets. I did hear from Za about that section prior the trip. To witness it myself, it was a mixed feelings. They are adorable as they can be, being the kiddo stage of their kind. Their fur are well groomed, for obvious reasons. But to hear them yapping away in their little voices, piece of red paper-alike thing inside some of the puppies ears, makes it unbearable to stay there long. Well, at least for me.

To distract myself, I set ourselves to find the Clock Tower. We ended up walking back to the outer ring, then J decided to walk all the way straight to the opposite direction. Sure enough, the Clock Tower is situation in the center of the whole market. It took a while to spot the halal eatery Za talked about. The smell was alluring, but J wasn't in the eat-proper-meal mood, so we skipped it.

We left the market feeling burnt and grainy (from all the perspiration lol!). I didn't know my neck was sunburnt until we got back to the hotel and I looked myself in the mirror. Note to self: Don't forget sun block or moisturiser in future.

After cleaning up, we did a little research on places to eat. J came across Yana Restaurant and thought we should check it out. There, we striked off pad thai (finally!) on our must-eat-list. No, we didn't really make a physical list. Just a mental one that I wanna bring J to. Heh. The cook was generous with the portions of their food. The table next to us was sharing dishes with individual white rice, the rice portion was like a mountain!

Yana Restaurant
MBK 5th Floor, Tokyu Side,
Bangkok 10330 Thailand
Tel: (02) 611-4589
Mobile: (089) 234-3006

Walked around MBK for a little bit to start looking out for bags to buy for both of our mums, before retiring for the night.

Do stay tune for more travelogues on this trip! #havingfunteasingyou



  1. At least he pulled open the curtains. Our dearest friend would pull the blankets off me first. If I dont wake up, he'd pull me OFF the bed. -.-

    1. If I were you, I'd kick him in the face when he tries to grab the legs.